The International Jousting League promotes affiliated tournaments  

and centralizes all available information from the organizers.


Either the IJL secretary sets up a plain web page to display the content

of the affiliation file or the organizer elects to

set up his own tournament web site and a link is provided.


You'll find here all information about coming and past events.

animflagNZ.gif (9615 octets)
in Taupo
"Great Lake"

03-04 Feb 2007

blason.jpg (15406 octets)


animflagB.gif (1616 octets)
in Seraing
by Hackamores
19-20 May 2007

ecuhack.gif (1049 octets)

animflagC.gif (9307 octets)
in Simcoe
"The Behourd"
by Era

30 Jun 02 Jul 2007banBehourd.gif (7852 octets)
animflagF.gif (7767 octets)
in Filain
"Franche Comté"
by Legendes Medievales

07-08 Jul 2007
franchecomte.gif (4504 octets)
animflagAUS.gif (8718 octets)
in Brisbane
by Novo Hollandia

07-08 Jul 2007

AbbeyLogo.gif (4795 octets)
animflagF.gif (7767 octets)
in Normandy
by Excalibur IDF

14-15 Jul 2007

EcuNormandie.gif (4350 octets)
animflagPL.gif (8286 octets)
in Gniew
"Gniew Castle"
by Fundacja Zamek w Gniewie

28-29 Jul 2007

LogoGniew.gif (8068 octets)
animflagS.gif (7546 octets)
in Uppsala
 by Celeres Nordica

25-26 Aug 2007

Uppsala.gif (9825 octets)
animflagC.gif (9307 octets)
in Severn Bridge
"Wild Hunt"
by IJA-Canada

09-10 Sep 2007

IJACANLOGO.gif (24328 octets)