The International Jousting League promotes affiliated tournaments  

and centralizes all available information from the organizers.


Either the IJL secretary sets up a plain web page to display the content

of the affiliation file or the organizer elects to

set up his own tournament web site and a link is provided.


You'll find here all information about coming and past events.

animflagNZ.gif (9615 octets)
in Taupo
"Great Lake"

26-28 Jan
blason.jpg (15406 octets)

animflagB.gif (1616 octets)
in Seraing
by Hackamores
03-04 May 

ecuhack.gif (1049 octets)



animflagC.gif (9307 octets)
"The Behourd"

banBehourd.gif (7852 octets)


animflagF.gif (7767 octets)
in Filain
"Franche Comté"
by Equispérance

12-13 July
franchecomte.gif (4504 octets)
animflagF.gif (7767 octets)
in Boulogne
"Haut de France"
by Excalibur IDF

19-20 July

EcuNormandie.gif (4350 octets)

animflagPL.gif (8286 octets)
in Gniew
"Gniew Castle"
by Fundacja Zamek w Gniewie

26-27 July
LogoGniew.gif (8068 octets)

animflagC.gif (9307 octets)
in Ontario
"Muskoka Faire" by IJA-Canada

Affiliation Removed

IJACANLOGO.gif (24328 octets)


animflagS.gif (7546 octets)
in Uppsala
by Celeres Nordica

30-31 Aug

   Uppsala.gif (9825 octets)


animflagUSA.gif (10636 octets)
in San Diego
"Tournament of thePhoenix
by Historic Entreprises
01-02 Nov

WJT.jpg (16122 octets)