All International Jousting League affiliates are listed per country and team. Individuals can affiliate on their own.

According to the IJL protocol, the affiliates are represented in the management of the League by the Board of Representatives (BOR).

The IJL BOR empowers the IJL Auditors to examine the running of an affiliated tournament and
return an auditing file for use of the event results in the IJL Ranking system

        IJL : 362  registered affiliates - 59   Affiliated teams - 23   Nations
9   Representatives - 17 Auditors -  90 Affiliated events over 10 seasons
                 Thousands of spectators and fans world wide !
IJL Board of Representatives


IJL Board of Auditors


flagS.gif (168 octets) Asa Cidh flagNW.gif (168 octets) Hans Jorgen Belseth
flagi.gif (168 octets) Nicola Corrarello flagUSA.gif (168 octets) Michael Carrol
flagNW.gif (168 octets) Petter Ellingsen flagS.gif (168 octets) Fredrik Egemalm
flagNZ.gif (264 octets) Callum Forbes flagNW.gif (300 octets) Petter Ellingsen
flagCND.gif (981 octets) Radar Goddard flagUSA.gif (192 octets) Nicky Fourtzialas
flagAU.gif (203 octets) Sarah Hay flagPL.gif (138 octets) Krystoff Gorecki
flagUSA.gif (192 octets) Steve Hemphill flagAU.gif (203 octets) Sarah Hay
flagUSA.gif (192 octets) Jordan Heron flagUSA.gif (192 octets) Jeffrey Hedgecock
flagCND.gif (981 octets) Fred Piraux flagCND.gif (981 octets) Jordan Heron
    flagD.gif (950 octets) Nicola Kippels
    flagAU.gif (203 octets) Andrew McKinnon
    flagusa.gif (175 octets) Jim Myers
    flagB.gif (175 octets) Fred Piraux
    flagF.gif (175 octets) Luc Petillot
    flagNZ.gif (264 octets) Jerry Smith
    flagCND.gif (981 octets) Pauline Vanderley
    flagUSA.gif (192 octets) Dave Wise