The International Jousting League promotes affiliated tournaments  

and centralizes all available information from the organizers.


Either the IJL secretary sets up a plain web page to display the content

of the affiliation file or the organizer elects to

set up his own tournament web site and a link is provided.


You'll find here all information about coming and past events.

animflagUSA.gif (10636 octets)
in Austin
"Lysts at the Lake"
 by A Plaisance

  20 - 24 April Lysts on the Lake logo v5 sm.jpg (118926 octets)
1, 2
animflagUSA.gif (10636 octets)
in Michigan
"The International Series - The Invitational "
 by Andre Renier

  8 - 9 July octets)
animflagDK.gif (7354 octets)
in Spottrup Castle
by Nidaros Riddercompagnie
25-29 July

vapen.jpg (102457 octets)
1, 2


animflagUSA.gif (10636 octets)
in Ohio
"Combatants Keep Invitational"
 by Kim Nader

  6 - 7.Aug octets)
animflagc.gif  (10636 octets)
in Calgary
"BROOKS Medieval Faire International Joust"
 by Stalc

  6 - 7 Aug.
 combatants_keep_invitational.jpg(118926 octets)