All International Jousting League Affiliates are listed per country and team. Individuals can affiliate on their own.

According to the IJL protocol, the affiliates are represented in the management of the League by the Board of Representatives (BOR).

The IJL BOR empowers the IJL Auditors to examine the running of an affiliated tournament and
return an auditing file for use of the event results in the IJL Ranking sys

                 Thousands of spectators and fans world wide !

Team Name Firstname Sex
BLACK HAWKS Piotter James M
Blue Run Jousting England Krissie F
Blue Run Jousting England Mike M
Chivalry and Steel Daniel Matthew M
Chivalry and Steel Young Linda F
Combatants Keep Burroughs Katarzyna J F
Combatants Keep Conway Seth M
Combatants Keep Everhart Noell F
Combatants Keep Harris Elijah M
Combatants Keep Nader Kim F
Combatants Keep Nader Thomas C Jr M
Combatants Keep Neill Mary F
Combatants Keep Neill Patrick M
Combatants Keep Ryals Sam M
Fox's Rest Stable Augustine Scianna F
Fox's Rest Stable Augustine William M
FREELANCERS Canter Barchan M
IJA-USA Sims Thimothy M
Ironclad Honor Warren Joshua M
KNIGHTLY ARTS Fourtzialas Nikki F
KNIGHTLY ARTS Tewksbury James M
Knights of Iron Burtka Kellyn F
Knights of Iron Juretich Dana F
Knights of Iron Juretich John M
Knights of Iron Matyas Samantha F
Knights of Iron Monarch Jason M
Knights of Iron Walter L Dale M
Knights of Mayhem Andrews Charlie M M
Knights of the Four Winds Paterson Bobbie F
Knights of the Four Winds Stephens Dusting G M
Knights of the Golden Sun Hedgecock Jeffrey M
Knights of the Golden Sun Hill Joel M
Knights of the Golden Sun Reynolds Bill M
Knights of the Golden Sun Rimmer Darth M
L'Emprise de l'Escu Geules Carroll Michael M / Staff
Modern Medievalist Baker David S. M
North Florida Fencing Club Bloomfield Gladston M
Northwest Jousting Asso'n DePew Shannon F
Northwest Jousting Asso'n Leach Melinda F
Northwest Jousting Asso'n Printy Stephanie Rose F
Northwest Jousting Asso'n Rigney Edward W M
Order of the Argent Spur Martel Dusty M
Order of the Argent Spur Martel Steve M
Order of the Argent Spur Perillo Heather F
Order of the Crimson Boar Welch Robert M
Southern Academy
of Sswordmanship
Wilson Scott M
The Knights of the Rose Moran Kathryn F
The Knights of the Rose Frank Sara F
The Society for Creative Anachronism Mahocker Jennifer F
Tilted Quintain Lastre Leopoldo M
  Austin John B M
  Baker Elizabeth C F
  Basham Jeffrey S M
  Barclay Peter C RIP
  Bear Kyle M
  Bevel Galen M
  Bright Richard M
  Coghlan David M
  Dawson Robert M
  Daniel Robin M
  Dix Brian M
  Eastwood Raven M
  Flitcroft Kirsten F
  Fortner II James E M
  Geisendorff Tiffany F
  Gulick Sean M
  Hall Allen M
  Hemphill Dawn Allee F
  Hemphill Steve M
  Hogg Caleb M
  Hogg Holiday Noel F
  Homjak Aaron M
  Johnson Jeff M
  Kaemmerer David M
  Lacourse-Friend Patti F
  Machtan Matthew M
  Maley Michael P. M
  Martinson Dee Dee F
  Mesimer David M
  Midzor Melissa F
  Moore Ripper M
  Myers Jimmie M
  Olsgaard Henrik M
  Ortiz James H M
  Parish-Whittaker David M
  Reinke Bob M
  Renier Andre Lee M
  Saathoff Ryan M
  Scealgowan Medbh F
  Schindler Steve M
  Serna Frederico Luis M
  Shilling Ann F
  Sorenson Kelly F
  Steelquist John F M
  Wagner Douglas M
  Wasson Jeffrey D M
  Wasson Stacy Jaye F
  Winkel Allan M
  Wise Dave M
  Young David R M
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