All results of affiliates competing in
International Jousting League
registered events are compiled into our evaluation system:

                  The IJL RANKING

This system is proposed as a comparison tool that does not compare individuals but  their 
objective results from a competitive point of view.

1- Ranking Data
The Ranking is awarded from 1st participation in an
IJL affiliated event and is computed from records of 
last 24 monthes events.
Ex : Dec 2008- Dec 2010



Current incorporated results : 

Lysts at the Lake 2017
Calgary/Brooks 2017
Lysts at the Lake 2018
Combatants Keep 2018
Turku 2018
Winnipeg 2018

To be incorporated next :
2019 Season

2- Ranking Divisions
According to definitions in "Divisions" section
of IJL web site, the ranked divisions are :

- Historical Div
- Jousting
- Skill at arms
- Behourdium
- Horseback Archery
3- Points distribution
Points are awared for participation in IJL events.
ONLY events gathering at least 4 IJL affiliates
insure ranking points :

- 8 points for placing 1st in a Division
- 6 points for placing 2nd in a Division
- 4 points for placing 3rd in a Division
- 2 points for all other participants in the Division
- 1 extra point is awarded per competitor outscored
      in the Division.

Ranking Formula :
[(placement pts in Div) + (extra pts)] / number of participations = Individual Ranking
4- Reading the Ranking
Participation :
ranking first presents competitors with highest
participation in IJL events. This is no indication
of their value but indicates their travelling ability.

Points :
ranking presents competitors'average points
gain per event.  A higher average indicates
good average placement in the standings of
the attended events or a participation in
fewer large events.